Khal Dra-ka

a torturer at the Farall penal colony


Khal Dra-ka has made a reputation for himself as a vile, heartless beast.
as a child the dragonborn was always big for his age, and he used this to his advantage pushing around any other child he came into contact with. as soon as he was old enough Khal joined the Vaultheim guard and learned the art of combat.

after 3 years of service his superiors decided his ruthlessness would make him a good torturer. so they re-assigned him to the penal colony at dead mans end. for the next 5 years Khal learned the art of torture from a female drow named Liliana. At the end of those 5 years Liliana had completed her contract with the guard and left to travel the world, Khal then took her place as head torturer.

after another 7 years of torturing at the penal colony Khal was feared by all the prisoners and his reputation reached to every corner of Farall. around this time a prisoner was brought to the colony who Khal came to hate, his name was: Aleksandrov Strotsky.

when Aleksandrov came to the colony Khal was assigned as his torturer. but whenever Khal came to torture Aleksandrov, the man would not scream and beg like the other prisoners, no, instead he would insult Khal and even went as far as to learn draconic just to be able to insult Khal in his own tongue. on the third year of torturing Aleksandrov, the man had obtained a knife and slashed Khal’s face blinding his right eye. for the next two years Khal tortured Aleksandrov in worse ways than anyone had been tortured before. then at the end of the 5th year Aleksandrov was freed.

Khal would have gone after him, but his contract to the guard required him to stay another 5 years. at the end of those 5 years Khal began his journey across Farall searching for the man who cost him his eye…

Khal Dra-ka

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