The world of Farall is a very old empire, ruled by an emperor and 4 Jarls. It is unknown exactly how old Farall is, but the land of Farall contains many very old ruins that scholars believe predate any other ruins found anywhere else in the world.

There are 5 main city’s in Farall:

Vaultheim the city of lights; This is the capital of Farall and the seat of the emperor. This city is thought to have originally been a dwarf hold as it is built into the side of a mountain, but the architecture is unlike any seen in a dwarf hold before.

Amethystbay; This is the main port of Farall, this is where most export and import transactions take place.

Riverfield; This city is set in the heart of Farall, making it an import trading hub. The terrain surrounding it is mostly grassland making it a favorable route for traders to transport goods.

Pineland; The city of Pineland is nestled within the heart of a great pine forest, unfortunately it also lies relatively close to a chain of volcanoes meaning that the land the city is on is subject to regular violent upheavals.

Nahor; This is the second big port in Farall, it takes all the trade that cant afford to go to Amethystbay. Even though it is a port, Nahor is renowned for its horse breeders who’s horses are legendary. Many great warriors have chosen Nahorian horses over any others.